Everyone Has a Place

Offering a chance to get involved in an exciting and growing sport. All girls, boys, women and men, from beginner players to advanced state and national league players, have an important place in our community. Our coaches, who are passionate players themselves, ensure that every child gets a chance to play a part in growing the sport of Lacrosse. Together we are passionate about not only fostering skills but a genuine love for the sport.

Come Join Us:

At North Adelaide Lacrosse Club, we pride ourselves on our community spirit, top-notch facilities, and a track record of producing some of Adelaide's finest lacrosse players. Join us and be a part of a club that values teamwork, ambition, and the sheer joy of playing.

Experience Beyond the Game:

Beyond the training and matches, North Adelaide Lacrosse Club is a family. With regular club events, team-building activities, and support both on and off the field, we ensure our players get a holistic experience.

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